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Did you know that there are organizations who supplement their staff with volunteers, offering free room and board? All you need do is get there! Second Career Volunteer details how pre/post retirees, Boomers, unemployed college graduates, and those displaced by the current financial upheaval can get-out-and-give back within their budget while sharing their skills. Whether one week, one month or one year, single or a couple, this lifestyle allows travel, camaraderie, and adventure, irrespective of finances. Come join me!

Available! NEW and REVISED 2nd Edition




Barbara lives in upstate NY where she is pleased to make personal appearances about her volunteer lifestyle.  CONTACT her at secondcareervol@gmail.com 


Click on CONTRIBUTOR tab (menu bar above) to access an excerpt of my latest published contribution to: The Disenfranchised … stories of life and grief when an ex-spouse dies.  So pleased on publication for my friend and writer colleague,, Peggy Sapphire.
**Later Life Story contest winner! The Center for Productive Longevity (CPL) in Boulder, CO ran a Later-Life Story Contest and I won! Nice prize too. This article appeared online in Forbes , PBS Next Avenue, and other venues. I am thrilled to share the news, read the article on the FORBES website, or Google Forbes, Alan Hall, Contributor.


INTRODUCTION to 2nd Edition:

Find your Route 66

Change happens. However, when something as predictable as a book’s targeted audience expands to encompass unexpected interested parties, it must be acknowledged. When I first heard about volunteering with organizations that offer free room and board in exchange for workplace skills, I followed my instincts. This became a deliberate year-long action. Over the past six years, day by day, while volunteering and while sharing my experiences at various book events, I came to realize that what I had discovered is appropriate for pre and post retirees, Boomers,  the unemployed, those displaced by current financial deficits, and college graduates or students taking a “decision-making-break”.

This prompted a twist on the original title to: Second Career Volunteer, a passionate, pennywise approach to a unique lifestyle. The word lifestyle equates to living your life in a distinct manner. That manner is called verve! Since room and board is free in exchange for workplace skills, students can volunteer, adding this experience to their resume while investigating a precarious job market. And, a distinct plus, they can be independent; do not have to live at home with Mom and Dad. Even the unemployed have options. At a book event in Albuquerque a thirty- something said, “This book is an investment in me. I’ve been unemployed for over a year. This volunteer option may lead to a real job!” I hope it did.

I now describe my unique volunteer lifestyle as silly putty. It is creative and can be stretched or compressed to fi t your schedule. YOU are the one who speaks with a Volunteer Coordinator. YOU set the parameters that eventually fi t into the organization of YOUR choice. YOU arrange the when, where, what, and how. Use your imagination. On your next vacation, stop by one of the organizations listed in the A-Z Index in the back of this book. Speak with the Volunteer Coordinator. Speak with the volunteers. Students, contact your Career Center about volunteering, garnering life experience prior to entering the workforce. Investigate. Research.

When people began traveling Route 66, they thought they were simply taking a ride. They could not have imagined what the road would become. That’s how I feel about my lifestyle. Get out, give back, enjoy!