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Second Career Volunteer is a first-hand account of achieving verve – meaning the special ability to pull something off with panache and wild, chaotic, unpredictable passion in the reckless pursuit of pleasure, no matter how outrageous. Second Career Volunteer is a journey from constraint to freedom, irrespective of finances because there are organizations who utilize volunteers to supplement staff and offer housing, meals, and even stipends. It is a lifestyle worth investigating.

The goal in retirement, as in life, is to be active, involved and happy, before and during each new adventure. The experiences in this book were accomplished through a positive attitude, diligent research, and a certain amount of courage. Second Career Volunteer is an explanation, a how-to retire on a limited income while volunteering, utilizing skills acquired through years of employment or your particular lifestyle. The travel is a bonus.

From identifying useful websites to answering Frequently Asked Questions, Second Career Volunteer outlines what to do prior to embarking on your new mystery retirement years. The book is two-fold, informational and individual hands-on experience. Some chapters will explain the what, where, and how of volunteering during retirement, or as a college grad looking for employment, or as a displaced worker with reduced pension funds, others will contain interviews with middle-class, independent (not independently wealthy) retirees relating her/his experience as a volunteer. You will learn how simple it is to link knowledge and compassion as a  long-term, long-distance volunteer.

Most retirement guides are written for financially comfortable couples between the ages of sixty and sixty-five. The focus of this book is to middle and low-income retirees of any marital status or age, although most wait for the maximum Social Security payment before leaving the world of salaried employment with health benefits. The importance and predictability of Social Security income, along with Medicare health coverage, should not be understated. Those with bank and retirement accounts reduced by the recent financial crisis will appreciate the budgetary tips. College students looking for a career or employment will find they can work and add to their resume while remaining independent – i.e. not living with Mom & Dad.

A volunteer lifestyle offers each willing participant a welcoming multi-generational, multi-cultural community awaiting your skills, a place to act, react and interact in a diverse environment, perhaps somewhere you always wanted to go, but have never been.

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