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Barbara Traynor, Local Book Author Drives 8,000 mile Solo to Alaska
New Book Shares “A Unique Volunteer Lifestyle” while living on Social Security.

When considering retirement, many mature adults worry about healthcare costs, health, prescriptions, food, lifestyle, maintaining status quo, and having spendable income while living on Social Security. Barbara Traynor wasn’t focused on these things. She had a plan. Waiting to retire at the age of 65, she sold her condo, and turned her “mystery years of retirement” into an adventure.  After receiving a thought provoking email about how many organizations exchange workplace skills for free room and board…  she planned an 8,000 mile solo drive excursion to Alaska to volunteer at a small college for a year while living only on her Social Security.

Traynor wanted to share this experience with others and authored “Second Career Volunteer… a passionate, pennywise approach to retirement”.  In this new and revised edition, she writes about her adventure, interviews with actual working volunteers, provides “how to’s” such as living on a limited budget, along with an updated A-Z list of volunteer websites. Traynor describes herself as independent, adventurous and frugal…. qualities that come in handy for a “Unique Volunteer Lifestyle”.  She currently hosts workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to encourage other seniors to consider this retirement lifestyle. Benefits include traveling, living with low costs,  forming new friendships, creating  new life experiences and learning opportunities.

Some might think it is risky as a female senior to travel alone to new places. Traynor takes safety precautions, plans ahead, and explains how you are not alone. “You end up in a structured community that is multi-generational and multi-cultural” Traynor explains. These experiences put you in different environments and show (you)how you never stop learning. She discovered a lifestyle that she is passionate about and hopes to share it with others.

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Riding a water buffalo at Heifer Learning Center, Perryville, AR

Barbara Traynor, a single mom of three, was an administrative assistant for over 45 years. She married at the age of 19, moved 18 times and later divorced. She was accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle and being independent based on life circumstances. .She didn’t have time or money to travel while working two jobs with the responsibility of raising a family.  Her retirement dream was to explore the world and travel. Traynor is currently planning another travel adventure starting in January, 2013. Locally, she appears at libraries and civic organizations. If you would like Barbara to speak to your group, please click on the CONTACT tab on the menue.

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