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January’s at hand and I’ve yet to pen

one resolution for two-thousand and ten!

Bring on denial and procrastination,
I’m about to explode in total frustration!
Without some restraints to keep me in line
(despite my complaining or piteous whine)
I’ll flounder and flail . . . Oh dear, what to do?
Is using the one I made last year taboo?

I filed it somewhere, simply tucked it away
until deciding what‘s work and what‘s play.
Had all good intentions, but somehow it seems
my goals simply bogged down, got lost in the scheme
of multiple happenings, both daytime and night
and no one seems willing to pity my plight!

I’m told making lists is a good thing to do,
encouraging brain cells to either move you
toward further achievement or backward in fear,
pointing out things you had planned for all year.
The psychologists say you must work it through,
be diligent, steadfast and start off the new
with responsible vision, complete every goal,
good food for your body, breath calming your soul.

For now I’ll repose, this suits me just fine.
Lie back. Lift my feet. Pour a goblet of wine
and peruse what others might accomplish next year?
(HA! Most will be thinking, not doing, I fear.)
So here are the top ten in order (not mine).
What do you think . .  . accept or decline?

Lose weight
Stop smoking
Save money
Stick to a budget
Find the perfect job
Get organized!
Be patient with others
Eat better
Become a better person

Might cut back on eating, sure sounds like a way
to lose extra pounds without further delay.
My budget’s pared down to the very last dime.
Searching for work? . . .  not a good time.
Those who are smoking might put that amount
into their savings, where it really would count.
To exercise is simple, being patient not so.
My quest is for balance, seems the best way to go.

Got rid of the favorites all in one swipe,
but being facetious just isn’t quite right.
This manner of urging should really involve
contacting the masses, evoke their resolve.
Get Congress to shape up! Promote peace! Well, okay,
maybe I’m getting carried away?

Instead of my trying to fix everyone
I’ll start with my corner, and when I am done
the effect will have rippled, hopefully reaching
unspecified targets . . . perhaps even teaching?
We live mostly by habit, sometimes stuck in a rut.
Resolutions do strengthen and motivate but,
I’m eying that brownie my guests didn’t finish,
aware by tomorrow all resolve will diminish!


Coming Jan 1st, 2010 – TRIP TO ALBUQUERQUE ON AMTRAK – daily  blog on train trip to the Menaul School beginning with Penn Station, NYC to Albuquerque. Stay tuned …………………