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Did you know that there are organizations who supplement their staff with volunteers, offering free room and board? All you need do is get there! Second Career Volunteer details how pre/post retirees, Boomers, unemployed college graduates, and those displaced by the current financial upheaval can get-out-and-give back within their budget while sharing their skills. Whether one week, one month or one year, single or a couple, this lifestyle allows travel, camaraderie, and adventure, irrespective of finances. Come join me!

December, 2012

Arnold's Wildlife & Butterfly Haven, FL

Adieu …  and thank you all for your compassionate, complimentary support during the time I have distributed this newsletter. Alas, I have made the decision that this will be my final newsletter sent from my volunteer world. Yes, I will still travel to volunteer destinations, simply will post news of those adventures in 2013 on this Second Career Volunteer website. Hope you will visit often.
Sending peace and love to you and yours in 2013 ……..

Anticipation …  Who can tell what 2013 will bring? There will be one or two presentations/workshops, including a Public Access TV show in my town of Bethlehem, NY. This show will begin filming in June, 2013. It’s a first for me and I am anticipating!

To recap my adventures: when I retired and drove to Sitka, AK to assist the CFO of Sheldon Jackson College, I never anticipated what opportunities lay ahead. So many places and faces – click on links provided. Wonderful colleagues. Beautiful sites across our United States and back. Logged many miles:
Alaska:  Since Sheldon Jackson College resides in precious memory, I bring your attention to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp  now ow situated on the former SJ campus. This arts camp is innovative, challenging to all who attend, and an economic boost for the lovely town of Sitka where I enjoyed a year of my life (without cooking!) in unspoiled wildlife territory.
Arkansas:  Heifer will always be in my heart for the programs they offer, enlightening all of the impact poverty has on the entire world. Check out their volunteer site.
Florida:  Peacocks greeted my on my first visit to Arnold’s Wildlife and Butterfly Haven in Okeechobee, FL. Education and maintenance handled by Sue. If you are in Central Florida, it is worth a visit and donation.
New Mexico:  At the Menaul School, I had the pleasure of interacting with a Native American environment, visiting Native American sites, and indulging in New Mexican cuisine. Wonderful school with dedicated staff plus volunteers, involved Board, and an active, astute Head of School. Access the school site for varied volunteer opportunities with room and board.
Alabama:  Never imagined the Native American history at Russell Cave National Monument tucked away in this tiny corner of Alabama, thirty minutes from the progressive city of Chattanooga. While at the cave, witnessed first-hand the attention every resident of the US should give to our vast system of National Parks.

And, who knows what anticipation will bring?  Where will I go? What will I do? It does not matter as long as I am “getting out and giving back”. I do try to live by the quote below. I do know that I will continue to advocate for volunteers. Perhaps we will meet and greet at one of the many destinations available.Com’on along!

Tlingit dancers, Sitka, AK


Quote:          “Do your little bit of good where you are; it‘s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”                         Desmond Tutu, , statesman for the ages