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Did you know that there are organizations who supplement their staff with volunteers, offering free room and board? All you need do is get there! Second Career Volunteer details how pre/post retirees, Boomers, unemployed college graduates, and those displaced by the current financial upheaval can get-out-and-give back within their budget while sharing their skills. Whether one week, one month or one year, single or a couple, this lifestyle allows travel, camaraderie, and adventure, irrespective of finances. Come join me!

November, 2012

Hello All:  I need your help …  just before leaving for France, my Yahoo email, the one used by recipients of this newsletter, was hacked. I have learned that the only way to drop a Yahoo address is to ignore it and Yahoo will eventually delete. So, this newsletter is being sent to my usual recipients (who understandably may have spammed my Yahoo account). If you wish to continue receiving this newsletter, I am asking that you go to the CONTACT page on this website and email me your current address. Thanks so much.

Au Revoir Provence … Howdy, Rockies ….

Eiffel Tower at night.

As a departure from my volunteer activities, I will say that it was pure JOY to visit my granddaughter in

Hot chocolate on the Champs de lesse

Aix-en-Provence! We flew into Paris on Thursday, checked into the charming Hotel Louvre Montana and enjoyed a coach tour of Paris. Friday AM we boarded the bullet train to Provence – straight through the heart of French countryside. Friday noon we met Allison and, after two hours of rain deluge, the sun shown brightly while we walked around admiring the town, checking out the American University and having wine with her host family. On Saturday, we shopped the Farmer’s Market for our picnic on Sainte-Victoire in the Cezanne Mountains. On Saturday I drove up the coast into Italy for coffee, then back down into Monaco – zig-zag hairpin turns on skinny cobblestone streets! Quite the adventure. After visiting Eze Village, Provence, a 2000 year-old stone castellara built on the top of the mountain. According to oral legend, the Phoenicians erected this community in Eze in memory of the goddess Isis. Charming and at least 900 stone steps! On Monday, we were back on the train to Paris to visit the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter for fondue. Our last day, Tuesday, offered a Seine water taxi for a walk on the Champs-Elysees, (see Hot Chocolate pic), to the Arc de Triomphe plus a wonderful very French dinner at the quintessential Auberge St Roch  – delicious! Flight back on Wednesday. Lovely trip. Truly a family memory.


Shop in Provence, France

Howdy, Rockies …. In January, I leave for Heifer in Perryville, AR, to act as receptionist for the Heifer Ranch Learning Center. I have volunteered there many times due to the excellent learning program, congenial Heifer staff, and a great group of volunteers. I will renew friendships and catch up on who has done what where. Then, on May 2nd, I will arrive at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Boulder, CO, a year-round family vacation/conference center with ample time to work and enjoy the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Have not been there before and am looking forward to helping at the front desk of the Conference Center, greeting arrivals. Read December’s newsletter for a report!